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Shippensburg Area
Substitute Support Staff Time Sheet

Submit this form to the Principal of the building worked at by 8:00 a.m. each Friday morning.


Complete 1 form for each building you work in for the week.


It is important to include all information requested for correct pay and accounting purposes.  If you have questions about which postion you are subbing for, please ask the main office in the building.

Enter time as follows:

  • 15 minutes = .25
  • 30 minutes = .5
  • 45 minutes = .75

Example:  5 hours and 45 minutes should be recorded as 5.75.

If you take a lunch, that time is not to be recorded (it is unpaid and should be subtracted from the total hours for the day.)



Hours Worked

Last name of employee worked for

Position - choose the position you subbed in






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Pay Date:
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